Saturday, September 3, 2011

::Wood Fire Pizza@Jalan Macalister, Penang::

I was introduced to this by my tour guide during my last visit on last year. And this year, it is my turn to introduce it to the others.
Call me exaggerating, but in order to have this pizza, you have to call to pre-book, at least 2 hour earlier. Although stall is open at 630pm, but they serve only those who had ordered and those who did not will have to wait for their turn which might take up to 4 hour, or just end up with disappointment - come back again next time.
One of the best pizza I had tried so far. Juicy and cheesy enough for my taste bud. One bite makes you crave for more. But .. after 2 slices, you might feel a little full already.
Pricing at small RM8, medium RM11 and large RM18 - it is not too expensive and worth a try!
We ordered the large (10') mix special (highly recommended).

Restaurant Kim Sun San - beside Red Rock Hotel, opposite Esso Mobil, Jalan Macalister.
(This is the description given by my friend. I don't have the co-ordinate either but this few landmarks says it all =) )

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Vinnie Lim said...

hey can i know what's inside for the mixed special pizza ?