Monday, January 15, 2018

Tokyo Day 1: Yakitori Lane

Before end our first day in Tokyo, we head to Yakitori Lane for supper.
(It's located near to UNIQLO building. You will find a green neon sign as the entrance of the alley.)
It's a small alley fills with yakitori shops. Seats were limited, as one shop can only accommodate about 10 guests. We manage to slot in into one of the shop.
We had grilled bacon. This is nice!!
And a few sticks of yakitori.
A glass of beer and a glass of green tea.
Both carries same price :-\
The boss of the yakitori shop posing for us to take picture.
The 7 sticks of yakitori, a glass of beer and a glass of green tea cost us JPY1600.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tokyo Day 1: Afuri Ramen

Since we were at Shinjuku, we had our dinner at Afuri Ramen.
A place I saw many bloggers recommended.
The setting was easy. Queue up, purchase your meal ticket from the vending machine, sit back and wait for empty seats, have your meal and leave.
Somehow, makes me feel like no life. No chatting. No human touch.
Our meal ticket.

We had Yuzu Tsuyu Tsukumen. JPY1060.
Yuzu citrus soy sauce based dip.
Hrm.. not up to our expectation. The taste was too mild for us.
Yuzu Shio Ramen. JPY980.
Salt based soup with Yuzu citrus accent.
The taste was also too mild for us.

Nevertheless, it's a good try.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tokyo Day 1: Shinjuku

Feeling rebel, we booked tickets and fly to Tokyo.
Bye KL.
This time, we took ANA. No regret. The services was good.
Throughout the almost 8 hours flight, we enjoyed our meal, snacks, drinks and movie.
Entering Japan. That excitement~
Arriving at Narita airport, we took Keisei Skyliner to go to Shinjuku.
Ticket were booked earlier through online.
We have to transit at Nippori. At Nippori station, look for a vending machine where you can exchange your Keisei Skyliner Ticket to JR ticket. Feel free to ask the staff at the station. They were very friendly and they speaks English!
Arriving at Shinjuku Station, we use the one day Metro ticket to head to our hotel at Minami-Asagaya.
There go one day. Just for transiting.
We stayed one night at Hotel Route Inn Asagaya which was only few minutes walk from the Metro station.
After checked in and left our luggage, we head out to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
There's observation deck at Level 45. Entrance is free. Take this chance to soak in the night view of high dense and busy Tokyo.
We then spend our night walking around Shinjuku.
Catch some Pokemon at this Pokemon street.
Had supper at Yakitori Lane and call it a day :)

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tokyo 6D 5N

Tokyo! Finally we are here. 
In an impromptu trip. You know.. sometimes when life gives you too much stress, don't think twice. Just book the flight and leave.
Hello Japan! It's really an amazing country that makes you feels like going and going again.
From skyscrappers.
To electronics.
Marvelous designed building 
Shopping streets
Electronic streets

High-end shopping streets
And seafoods.
Everything is just amazing. LOL.
This is another country that makes me feels like visiting again.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Black Market @ Kg. Pandan

Birthday celebration for the sister.
Heard about Black Market for long time already but had never been here due to the menu looks expensive.

Surprisingly they have menu for set meal which starts from RM18.
And to our surprise, for birthday celebration, there is a complimentary of a bottle of wine. :)
Hainanese Pork Chop Rice Set RM18
Salmon Carbonara Linguine Set RM18
Mushroom Soup which comes with one of the set.
White Mushroom Chicken Chop Set RM18
Grilled Chicken Set RM28
Thai Fish Fillet Set RM18.

Overall, the meals was worth the price of RM18. But you can't put too high expectations la.