Monday, July 31, 2017

Bangkok Day 3: After You & Chocolate Ville

On Day 3, we went for shopping~
After tired of walking around, we stop by After You cafe which was so famous.
But it's weird that the patrons were so few.
We ordered the Shibuya Toast.
Hrmm.. I don't really like it. But he said that it tasted good though.

We then take Uber to Chocolate Ville.
Remember to do booking at their FB before you go there.
We were seated at the bridge with this view.
As usual. Beer and Orange Juice :)
Asparagus ~
Fried rice with  pork. Em.. not nice. The portion is big too.
Pan Seared tuna with soba.. something like that. Couldn't remember. But couldn't beat the taste that we had in Singapore.
I intend to order fish cake. But they ran out of stock!
So I have the prawn balls instead. Too much for me and tasted not good for me.
The view of the location we were seated.
Overall, the foods were so-so only. Prices were OK.
It's just a place for photos. Can visit one time but I won't come for second time.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bangkok Day 2: Chatuchak & Asiatique

Both my favorite place in Bangkok.
On day 2, we spent the first half of the day in Chatuchak and the second half in Asiatique.

After a tiring walk inside Chatuchak, we came across this cafe in Soi 2.
I'd forgotten the name though.
Roselle juice.
Pad thai. This is good!
Rice with basil pork. OK. Not bad.

At Asiatique, after walk around, we finally decided to go back to Happy Fish.
The place we went 2 years ago.
Seems like nothing had change.
Beer and juice.
I choose to eat pork ribs. The meat was too much for me.
After having few bites, I started to feel full and lost my appetite.
The healthy him opt for Grilled Sea Bass with green curry sauce.
This is OK.
However, for this visit, we lost that 'óhm' and felt that it is not as good as the first time we were here.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kub Kao Kub Pla @ EmQuartier, Bangkok

A short trip to Bangkok.
Arriving late at Bangkok, we settled our dinner at nearby mall and call it a day.

After walking around, we decided to try out this restaurant.
We opt for set menu.
He choose rice with pork knuckle. THB200. 
And I took the rice with green curry. THB220.

Both sets were very aromatic. The smell of the dishes when it were served were so appetizing and tempting. However, when it was placed into our mouth, it seems like the taste is too mild for us. Hrmm.. not the thai foods we hoping for.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Fish Valley @ Semenyih

We are here again! XD
As usual, we will order the dishes we usually did, because it's our favorite!
But this time, we tried out Peanut Fish RM45
Fried tilapia with peanuts and sweet and sour gravy. This is so good! Fish was fried till crispy. Gravy was sweet yet sour enough to increase your appetite.
This will be my next favorite.
This time we opt for red seafood tomyam RM20 for small.
Too spicy.
Kam Heong lala RM25 for M size. Good.
But the Kam Heong in Ijok is still my favorite.
Seafood Tofu in Wok RM12 for small.
4 Vegie Mix RM20 for M size.

As usual, a satisfying meal.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teak Cafe @ Batu Pahat

I think this place should be well-known in Batu Pahat for it's special design where the furniture is made from Teak Wood.
Pass-by each time we were in BP, but never had the chance to tried as it was close.
This time we made it!

I was actually surprise that the menu consists of local foods, instead of Western as it is a cafe.
Lamb Briyani RM16.90.
This is really good! The lamb was cook until tender and the gravy tasted so good!
Chicken Briyani RM16.90
Meanwhile for this one, the rice is OK but the chicken rendang was not up to my expectation. It carries the taste of sweet rather than spicy.
Fish & Chip RM16.50
This was normal. Nothing special.
Rendang Chicken rice RM13.90
This was also not up to my expectation.
Dessert. 2 scoops of ice cream each. RM5.90/ glass.

The service was super good although the dishes were so-so except the Lamb Briyani :)