Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tokyo Day 4: Asakusa

Time passes so fast when you are on vacation. Good morning Tokyo~
We grab our breakfast from 7-11 just few steps away from our hotel.
To our amazement, the bottled coffee was warm!
Activated our 72 hours Tokyo subway pass.
The famous Asakusa temple.
Rainy day.

The stalls along Asakusa where we tried some street foods.
This was really good.
This was not good and waste money.
This was not good too. We only able to finish half.
We searched for the shop which was recommended for their green tea ice cream.
Suzukien Asakusa.
Feels good being in a warm shop after fight through the rain outside.
We choose the highest level of green tea. The 7th level.
The varieties of ice cream.
For us, it was over-rated. Green tea taste was intense but nothing impressive for us.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tokyo Day 3: Odaiba

After lunch, we proceed to check in our hotel.
APA Highashi-Nihombashi.
 This is our room. Small but comfortable.
Although the hotel was not somewhere near tourist spot, however I like this hotel so much as it is just 10 steps away from metro station!
After checked in, we went to Odaiba.
There was motor show and hubby wanted to experience motor show in Japan.
So here we are - Tokyo Big Shot. Unique building!
The crowd was massive although it was raining.
Fulfilling one of his dream.
After the Tokyo Motor Show, we headed to Aqua City for the ramen street.
Ordered our ramen from the vending machine.
We simply pick one from the menu 😂
We add on noodles and shared the portion.
The portion was really big!
We have a quick walk around the area.
And say goodbye to Odaiba.
Again, we will be back some day and spend longer time here.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tokyo Day 3: Nakajima @ Shinjuku

Leaving Hakone.
Manage to get the romancecar ticket.
Although you may need to top-up money for the ticket but it's more convenient, comfortable and fast!
The cleaner was waiting for the arrival of the train.
Once the train arrived, they bowed and quickly go into the coach to clean it before we board it.
They were foods sell on-board and we get something to munch on.
Arriving in Shinjuku, we headed to a Michelin-awarded restaurant, Nakajima.
The queue was long but we waited patiently.
Nakajima is well-known for affordable lunch, which starts from 800 yen onwards.
Somehow I adore how Japanese eat in a fast pace and leave right after they finished eating.
This made the queue bearable. We queued for about 1 hour though.
Sardine sashimi set.
Initially I was skeptical with sardine sashimi thinking it will smell fishy.
But turn out this is good! You can taste the freshness and sweetness of the fish.
Tempura sardine set.
This was good too. It was crispy on the outside but soft and warm in the inside.

I highly recommend you to visit this restaurant.
Provided you have the patient to queue though :)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Tokyo Day 2: Hakone Lake Hotel

We spent one night at Hakone.
This is the most expensive hotel we stayed in throughout our trip in Tokyo.
The room.
The creative washing area!
The entrance and doraemon cabinet.
We had to make our own bed.
And the toilet was sharing toilet (its very clean though) and the bathroom was of course, the Onsen!

We had our kaiseki dinner which was included in the hotel price per night.
Menu of the day.
Sashimi was fresh. But for the other items, we think that the foods from Hotel Route-Inn Asagaya taste better.

After dinner, we went to enjoy our onsen.
It was our first experience! The onsen was separated between man and woman. So we go on our own. Everyone was naked. 😑 At first, I felt so shy, but after noticing that no one actually bother about it, so I just enjoy myself. It was a good experience. 😍
Our supper! :)
Never had love onigiri this much.
Breakfast from the buffet spread.
My new findings.
Natto beans made from fermented soy beans.
Like I was told, you will either love it or hate it.
For me, one scoop in the mouth and I can't even swallow it 🤣
After breakfast, we checked out and head back to Shinjuku.
Hakone is such a lovely place and we would like to come again someday. 😄

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tokyo Day 2: Hakone

2 Day 1 Night trip to Hakone
After having our scrumptious buffet breakfast at hotel (the foods was so good!), we headed to Shinjuku Station. We purchased our Hakone Free Pass and kept our luggage at the locker available at the train station. Do check out the available sizes of locker to avoid bringing baggage which was too big and unable to fit into the locker.
Due to the Romancecar ticket was sold out, we took the normal train to Hakone where we were required to exchange train at Odawara Station.
From Odawara Station, we took train to Hakone-Yumoto.
From Hakone-Yumoto, we took Hakone Tozan Train to Gora.
*Over a leisurely 40 minutes, the train switches back three times as it climbs the steep mountain slopes to its final destination of Gora.
Hakone Tozan Cable Car to Sounzan
*The Hakone Tozan Cable Car is 9 minutes of heaven and connects the town of Gora, with its many hot springs (onsen), and a popular sightseeing spot, with Sounzan Station.
Hakone Ropeway to Togendai
*The trip from Sounzan to Togendai on Lake Ashi only takes about 30 minutes, but the large windows of the Swiss-made cabins are designed to allow visitors to fully appreciate the sweeping panorama of Hakone's unspoiled natural settings, such as the beautiful calm waters of Lake Ashi, magnificent Mount Fuji, and the volcanic clouds from Owakudani. 

Sounzan Stn. To Owakudani Valley
Owakudani Valley
Queuing for the famous black egg which believes to add 7 years to life.
Mt. Fuji from Owakudani Valley.
We return to the Hakone Ropeway to go to our next station, Togendai Stn.
Have a quick lunch at Togendai Station while waiting for the cruise.
This was so delicious!
The Hakone Sightseeing Cruise links Togendai with Moto-Hakone-ko and Hakone-machi
We visited Hakone Shrine and torii gate which was 15 minute walk from Moto-Hakone pier

We then return to Togendai by cruise to check in our hotel, Hakone Lake Hotel and call it a day :)

*descriptions' source: http://www.odakyu.jp