Monday, June 12, 2017

Fish Valley @ Semenyih

We are here again! XD
As usual, we will order the dishes we usually did, because it's our favorite!
But this time, we tried out Peanut Fish RM45
Fried tilapia with peanuts and sweet and sour gravy. This is so good! Fish was fried till crispy. Gravy was sweet yet sour enough to increase your appetite.
This will be my next favorite.
This time we opt for red seafood tomyam RM20 for small.
Too spicy.
Kam Heong lala RM25 for M size. Good.
But the Kam Heong in Ijok is still my favorite.
Seafood Tofu in Wok RM12 for small.
4 Vegie Mix RM20 for M size.

As usual, a satisfying meal.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Teak Cafe @ Batu Pahat

I think this place should be well-known in Batu Pahat for it's special design where the furniture is made from Teak Wood.
Pass-by each time we were in BP, but never had the chance to tried as it was close.
This time we made it!

I was actually surprise that the menu consists of local foods, instead of Western as it is a cafe.
Lamb Briyani RM16.90.
This is really good! The lamb was cook until tender and the gravy tasted so good!
Chicken Briyani RM16.90
Meanwhile for this one, the rice is OK but the chicken rendang was not up to my expectation. It carries the taste of sweet rather than spicy.
Fish & Chip RM16.50
This was normal. Nothing special.
Rendang Chicken rice RM13.90
This was also not up to my expectation.
Dessert. 2 scoops of ice cream each. RM5.90/ glass.

The service was super good although the dishes were so-so except the Lamb Briyani :)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Aquatic Sanctuary @ Broga

A newly discovered place for us :)
It is really crowded but the wait was not too long. So it is still OK.
However, weather was so hot.
Famous for their fish porridge. RM30 for 800gm of tilapia.
That was cheap for us. This pot of porridge catered for 7 pax!
Vinegar Pork Leg RM16
Wu Tao Kao Yuk RM20
Wild boar curry RM18
Total cost for 7 pax RM100.40.
It's quite cheap and worth to be tried once. Foods tasted good but not the best we had.

Monday, May 8, 2017

An Viet @ Sunway Pyramid

It's been years since I last came to Sunway Pyramid.
Heard about this restaurant that serve good Vietnamese dishes. So here we are.
Basil plant were placed at each table. Complimentary for customers to pick and put into the dishes.
We tried the egg coffee RM8.90.
Smooth textured. Not bad.
Feeling not so hungry, we shared Bun Cha set RM22.90.
Turn out the portion was not too big. And indeed it was tasty.
The pork was grilled nicely. And the broth is good.
The lala in sweet sour coconut soup was good too.
Vietnam affogato to end our meal. RM9.90
Not bad. But portion too less for me :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soi 55 @ Solaris

Groupon was offering discount voucher for this restaurant, with  RM60 for RM100 cash voucher.
After read through the review, I bought it.
Pandan Chicken 6 pieces RM20.
Not up to my expectation.
Steamed tilapia with garlic & lime RM45.
The broth was slightly spicy and the sour taste does not came out. Not up to my expectation. In addition, the fish smells of 'mud' which further reduce the marks.
Green curry RM20 small.
The chicken meat given was in generous portion. However, the taste of the curry was not the best I'd tried.
Overall, the experience here was quite disappointing. And I wonder why there is so many good review and so crowded.