Monday, May 8, 2017

An Viet @ Sunway Pyramid

It's been years since I last came to Sunway Pyramid.
Heard about this restaurant that serve good Vietnamese dishes. So here we are.
Basil plant were placed at each table. Complimentary for customers to pick and put into the dishes.
We tried the egg coffee RM8.90.
Smooth textured. Not bad.
Feeling not so hungry, we shared Bun Cha set RM22.90.
Turn out the portion was not too big. And indeed it was tasty.
The pork was grilled nicely. And the broth is good.
The lala in sweet sour coconut soup was good too.
Vietnam affogato to end our meal. RM9.90
Not bad. But portion too less for me :)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Soi 55 @ Solaris

Groupon was offering discount voucher for this restaurant, with  RM60 for RM100 cash voucher.
After read through the review, I bought it.
Pandan Chicken 6 pieces RM20.
Not up to my expectation.
Steamed tilapia with garlic & lime RM45.
The broth was slightly spicy and the sour taste does not came out. Not up to my expectation. In addition, the fish smells of 'mud' which further reduce the marks.
Green curry RM20 small.
The chicken meat given was in generous portion. However, the taste of the curry was not the best I'd tried.
Overall, the experience here was quite disappointing. And I wonder why there is so many good review and so crowded.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Motorino @ Sky Avenue, Genting

A short trip up hill to the newly opened Sky Avenue.
There's a lot of restaurant here for your choice.
We opt for Motorino as we heard it has the Michelin award.
Services was quite prompt.
They serve pizza and wines.
There's only a few selection of pizza types.
We opt for Amaritciana - RM48 for member.
Pizza consists of tomato sauce/ mozzarella/ minced chicken/ scallion/ pecorino/ fresh chili
It was just so-so for us as the ingredients was not generously given.
We add on 3 roasted chicken wing - RM18 for member.
The recipe was new for us. It was good, however not too impressive.

We were slightly disappointed as it did not really up to our expectation. Or perhaps we expected too much. After all, our tongue was adapted to Malaysian 'heavy-taste' bud.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yogyakarta Day 3: Goa Pindul & Oyo River Water Tubing & Ratu Boko

On day 3, we tried water tubing.
We were transported by our guide to this area, then we made a payment of IDR600k for 4 pax.
We were then transferred by a small lorry to the river.
Safety jacket.
And start our journey where the river flows us into Goa Pindul.
It's pretty safe. There is guide who bring each groups and will explain on the history of the area.
And yes.. a lot of tourists also!
After Goa Pindul, we get back to the small lorry and transported to Oyo River, where we were flowed by the water along Oyo River.
I doubt the cleanliness of the water though.
And wear suitable sandals if you plan to participate in this activity. My sandal was flowed away.
Both activities took half day and there is toilet provided for you to clean up after the activity.
After have our lunch, we went to Ratu Boko.
We were quite reluctant to come as the entrance ticket cost USD13 each.
People were commenting that the sunset view from here was awesome. However, on the day of our trip, the sun was hidden by the clouds! And this is all the view we got for USD13.
Entrance fees included a meal, where you can choose fried rice, fried noodles or fried banana.

And this marks the end of our annual March trip :)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yogyakarta Day 2: Prambanan Temple - Malioboro

In the evening, we went to Prambanan Temple.
The entrance fees was included in the ticket we bought at Borobudur.
Be mesmerized by the architectural! 
A lot of tourists!!
It's impossible to get a picture without someone in it. 
We took the shuttle which brought us for to round this temple.
This is the restoration area.
After that, we checked in to our hotel at Malioboro Street.
Sakanti Hotel was reasonably price, located near to Malioboro Street and room was spacious.
However toilet cleanliness needs improvement.
Malioboro Street at night.
This is hawker stalls for roadside local foods.
We stop by one stall and tried out the local nasi kucing - which cost less than RM1.
However, it only consists of a small portion of white rice and tempe.
That is why it is call nasi kucing - the foods portion is equal to the foods given to cats.
We also tried their kopi arang (charcoal coffee), where charcoal was burnt and thrown into the coffee.
There is no smell from the charcoal, thus only tasted coffee.
How safe was this drink? I'm not sure will there be any effect/ carcinogenic substances from the burnt charcoal. However, can give it a try. Once in a lifetime.